and Quality

Preserving the culture of wining and dining and preserving the traditional art of baking is the philosophy of our business.

As local suppliers, we contribute to a high quality of life and are always concerned about the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We work diligently and carefully on our products and place great importance on using local ingredients, most of which come from organic farming.  


We get all flour and grain from a high-quality mill in Upper Austria, and we are in constant contact with the millers in order to ensure our customers the best quality. We have visited the mill ourselves and can confidently say we know where our ingredients come from and how they are processed. Even the bacon in our delicious "Speckstangerl" is delivered fresh daily from the Kammerlander butcher's shop in Kaltenbach. We offer regional quality that you can taste!


All of our baked goods are prepared with Grander water, and with this revitalized water, the dough is smoother and the bread and pastries are finer and more durable. Out of principle, we do not use flavor enhancers or preservatives. Enjoy the original delicious taste of bread and pastries.

With our vast assortment, which is a rare find, our customers have a large selection with plenty of variety. Come and see for yourself.


In this day and age, food is mass produced in the industrialized countries of the world, and a large portion is wasted, because needs have already been met in these countries. We believe that resources should not be overproduced and thus not unnecessarily go to waste.


Therefore, we take great care to dispose of as little bread as possible, and we ask our customers for understanding if by 5 pm, our assortment of baked goods is not as diverse as at breakfast.